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Riga: two cars fell through the ground

admin11-06-2020, 09:08
Category: Autonews
As it became known to our publication, there was a collapse of the ground under the paving stones, which resulted in a traffic accident. Two cars moving along Gertrudes street fell under the paving stones, to a depth of about half a meter. Fortunately, no one was injured, but this is not the first situation when the fault of utilities is a collapse. Thus, we need to take some measures to protect the population.

If cars were moving at high speed, it would be impossible to avoid death. At the moment, all the consequences of this incident have been eliminated. The only thing that pleases is the lightning work of public services. They reacted very quickly to the collapse and began to eliminate it.
Currently, the center of Riga in terms of public utilities is a great danger. The underground pipes have been there for more than 57 years and require complete replacement. But neither the authorities nor the utilities have money for this. Therefore, we can only wait for the next collapse. At the moment, an investigation is underway, as representatives of the company that owns the heating line that runs under the paving stones must restore the cars.
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