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What you need to know about FCA at CES 2020

admin13-03-2020, 19:28
Category: Autonews
At this year's CES in Las Vegas, FCA is showcasing its latest technologies related to electrification, user experience (UX) and uconnect integration as a visual and physical exhibition, paying tribute to the company's history and tradition of innovation.

Since the first car radio was introduced almost 100 years ago, innovators in the automotive industry have been working to bring more and more technology to the cabin. FCA customers love and are committed to the company's brands, partly also because of their history, but because CES is an event dedicated to electronics, FCA has decided to combine these two aspects in an exhibition complex that combines tradition and technology to meet the growing needs of car buyers.

The Jeep brand is exhibiting three models with plug-in hybrid technology at CES. this is the first step in the process of electrifying the Jeep line of cars, thanks to which the brand can offer electrified versions of all models by 2022. All electrified Jeep vehicles will have the new "Jeep 4xe" logo.
 Electrification, which includes the soon-to-be uncompromising Jeep 4xe vehicles, will help modernize Jeep, strengthening its position as a leader in advanced green and eco-friendly technologies.
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