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Latvian police are not against the waze app

admin11-07-2018, 17:03
Category: Autonews
The navigation app Waze which is currently actively advertised in Latvia has caused a lot of noise. But as it turned out, the traffic police itself is not against the use of such software. The main problem was that the app marked those points on the city map where active cameras are installed, police blocks are located, and even temporary checks. But the police have no complaints, on the contrary, they hope that such an app will only improve security in the city.

According to Ansis Pumpurs, such software does not prevent them from catching violators. On the contrary, it has become much easier to do this, since they come across in other situations. Also, with photo radars, the situation is even easier, since there are warning signs all over the city. In General, there are conditions under which violators still manage to get caught.
The police themselves will not use the software, much less indicate the locations and routes of their patrols. The most important thing is that the city is safe and drivers follow the rules. Everything else doesn't really matter. Several meetings were held on this occasion and the authorities came to the conclusion that the navigation software will continue its work.
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