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Mercedes of the future: a new project

admin27-04-2018, 17:03
Category: Autonews
Auxiliary systems can help prevent accidents and mitigate their consequences. The 2019 Mercedes-Benz ESF research car shows how to provide greater protection for pedestrians and cyclists. It features an Active Brake Assist system with enhanced functionality and an extended version of the 360°camera system.

As a result, when Parking and maneuvering, the vehicle warns the driver if there is a risk of hitting a pedestrian or cyclist, or initiates automatic braking. And thanks to led panels and projectors, ESF 2019 builds confidence in automated vehicles by communicating with the environment – because it can communicate with unprotected road users, informing them and warning them of dangers. Even when it's parked on the side of the road.
Eye contact is the main component of communication in motion. We usually assume that the person who sees us will pay attention to us. We do not have such a level of relations and experience with vehicles moving in automatic mode. This is why Mercedes-Benz considers empathy and trust to be key factors in getting approval for Autonomous driving. In order for people to gain confidence in automated vehicles, they must immediately and intuitively understand what such a vehicle intends to do – that is, to gain so-called conscious trust.
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